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Strategic Partnerships

You have a huge multi-region re-brand happening. You need new collateral, new signage, new promotional products and a mailing to all of your clients nationwide. Add up how many people you would currently need to call. If its more than one, Contact us..

High Volume

That feeling you get when you ask one of your current partners for 100,000 of something and they get pale and start fidgeting.. That feeling is telling you to Contact us.  We won’t even break a sweat.

Custom Projects

Tired of browsing websites and catalogs? Have a great idea and nothing like it exists? Need a unique idea? We can go from concept to mock-up to prototype faster than most people can get you the catalog stuff. Feeling creative? Contact us.

Nationwide Distribution

End point distribution saves you time and money. The difference between having 50,000 items sent to corporate, and 1000 sent to 50 locations is hours of work and wasted resources. Rather save time and money? Contact us.

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Lexus Blimp

How cool is this Lexus Blimp?  I know, usually my blog posts have some deeper philosophical meaning, but in this case I just wanted to show off the blimp that Team Lang made for the starlight parade.  This blimp can be used cold air (inflated with shop vac) or with...

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Please take my money..

​Have you ever done business with a company  that made it really hard to do business with?  I have traditionally not used my blog for ranting and I don't intend to do it very often, but since this is becoming a trend  I decided it was a good topic to blog about. Here...

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Make many deposits..

I read about the concept of the emotional bank account years ago in a great book called the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (by Stephen Covey).  It used a bank account as an example to make a correlation between deposits and withdrawls of money and building strong...

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New Logo -Thank you Jay!

A couple weeks ago a fantastic Graphic Designer, Jay Bartholomew, asked if he could redraw my logo.  For those of you that don't know, my logo is a variation of my signature, some altered  text, and a lot of revisions.  So I was a little resistant to the idea of...

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100.3% Growth in 2016

Team Lang Promotions received recognition from industry partners for growing 100.3% is 2016.  And we did it by using a super-secret method.  If you buy my book... Just Kidding.  Here is how we did it.  Say Yes:  Say yes to your customers and find a way to make it...

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Big Branding – Photo Booth

So you need a 20x25 ft set of walls built and printed full color for a car photo booth? We can do that. When it comes to big jobs,  whether its size or volume, Team Lang Promotions has you covered.  Specializing in branding for medium and large organizations means we...

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