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He brought gloves…

He brought gloves…

I taught my 10 year old son a valuable lesson today about character. I went to go cut up a fallen tree on some property by my dads house. I was out there with my dad and my 10 year old son and a neighbor wandered over and didn’t realize who it was. He said “Oh I didn’t realize it was you, but heard the chainsaw”. He talked to my dad for a moment and then offered to help load the wood in our truck. When we said “that would be great” he pulled his work gloves from his back pocket and started to help.

When we finished I asked my son if he recognized anything interesting about the neighbor and he said “he seemed nice” an he was very nice but so much more than that was significant. I explained to my son that this man, heard a chainsaw, didn’t know who it was, grabbed his gloves and walked over with the full intent of helping whoever it was a few properties away just because its the right thing to do. It wasn’t the oh I feel obligated to ask type of offer either. He had to walk several acres, and he brought gloves. He fully intended on helping whoever it was.

Thats becoming more rare these days. In a world where much of our interaction is behind a screen and we are often made to fear most of whats around us by a constant barrage of bad news reports, have people become complacent on what it means to be neighborly? Not in the person next door you know well way, but in the more Biblical Good Samaritan type way. “A stranger is working hard, maybe I could help…”

I would like to think it did not stand out to my son because my family makes it a point to be like that (because my dad made it a point to be like that) but it stood out to me enough that I thought I would share.

If you don’t already, toss some work gloves in your glove box (it is what its for after all) because you never know what stranger might need help.