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So everyone is into working smarter and I am as well, but not at the sacrifice of working harder. Without first working hard you cannot even accurately define what or how to improve.

There are so many ways of helping you work smarter, and as a result it is all you hear about. You can buy books, read articles, watch videos and get software to work smarter (I sell some of it). This work smarter market has pushed hard work well out of the picture. Many people think that working hard is for people not smart enough to work smarter. But working hard exists in all of us, and it is more powerful today than ever before!

So if you spend the better part of your day trying to develop a strategy to make your sales process better, and then you find yourself doing that every day, and at the end of the week you have not called prospects, sent emails, interacted with customers, posted on Social media etc., then what good has it done? Fast forward 3 months and your business is on the decline and you can’t figure out why because your investing so much time in working smarter.

I don’t want to over simplify things but in the vast majority of situations, especially as it relates to sales if you:

  1. Work more hours than your competitors
  2. Talk to more people than your competitors
  3. Hustle more than your competitors

You will have more sales than your competitors.

While your competitors are watching Youtube videos and reading interesting articles (yes like this one), you will be closing deals.

After a few months of that you will know what works, and how much time it takes. Once you get there then you can define what working smarter would look like and start looking at ways to improve.

I heard a quote one time that I hated but now I am starting to understand it. “Don’t let Great be the Enemy of Good”. At first I thought; that is silly, being great should always be the goal. However I am learning that you have to be good first, then you can be great. You can’t just go to great, anymore than you can appear on the freeway without first getting in your car, leaving your driveway etc. You can’t sit there and read your way into great, or buy software your way into great. You have to work hard and get really good, then you can improve and be great.