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I have been in some form of sales for many years, and one thing that never changes is that you will always have competition. However I have started to notice that all though there are more gadgets, automation and marketing strategy then there used to be, some of the fundamentals of selling seem to be fading away. In that regard, it’s getting a little easier to out class the competition. What do I mean? Here is a list of things that are so rarely practiced consistently anymore that you almost seem weird if you do:

-Arriving on time (or a little early)
-Being kind
-Complimenting people
-Not complaining about current affairs
-Saying Yes
-Keeping your promises
-Not being profane
-Listening to others
-Taking responsibility for your actions

I know you seasoned sales people out there are thinking “this is all fundamental” but how many people do you know that practice all these things daily? Or better yet, how many people do you know that live there lives that way?

You can’t replace principles with technology or strategy, but if you can get all three working together you will be unstoppable!

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