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There is nothing more magical than a well-organized event!  As an avid (and slow) endurance athelete  I have attended dozens of events over the years.  Most are pretty good.  They deliver on what they are supposed to with the minimum necessary approach.  Other have been truly awful.  I remember on in particular where they ran out of water half way through the event, and another where the course was off and everyone ran the wrong way.  What is really rare is a great event where not only is everything delivered as promised but the event organizer goes above and beyond to make it fun and special.

Over the last two days my Team and I rode our bikes from Seattle to Portland in an event put on by Cascade Bicycle Club, and it was truly and amazing event.  Everything was delivered above and beyond expectations.  When you think of the logistics of guiding 10,000 cyclists across 205 miles over 48 hours, it is amazing to think it can be done at all, but to make it great took time, talent and a love for what you do!

Thank you Team at Cascade Bike Club!  I’ll be back in 2019