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​Have you ever done business with a company  that made it really hard to do business with?  I have traditionally not used my blog for ranting and I don’t intend to do it very often, but since this is becoming a trend  I decided it was a good topic to blog about.

Here at Team Lang we do a lot of buying and selling. We actually do a lot more buying than we do selling because so much of what we sell has components or is packaged together.  As a result we’ve had an opportunity to buy all kinds of different things from all places around the world. One trend I’ve noticed recently is that companies that have any type of niche will tend to make it very difficult to do business with them. You ask for a product they ask you multiple unnecessary follow-up questions, you clarify they ask for forms to be filled out. You set deadlines they tell you it can’t be done.  When it’s time to pay they have an antiquated process.  You go to do a reorder, same process.

It seems that when a company has a niche and a little bit of success there is a propensity to lower the level of service because competition is lacking. Unfortunately that is exactly when an entrepreneur recognizes that lacking service and starts to compete.

Poor service with no additional value-added will certainly lead to failure. You can have poor service if your product is so cheap that no one can compete, but even that is a niche. Everyone remembers a company like this but few are still around.

So to all you horrible service providing niche companies out there, be careful or I might just be your next big competitor 🙂