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Team Lang Promotions received recognition from industry partners for growing 100.3% is 2016.  And we did it by using a super-secret method.  If you buy my book… Just Kidding.  Here is how we did it.

  1.  Say Yes:  Say yes to your customers and find a way to make it happen.
  2.  Say No:  Not every client is the right client.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with new clients and sacrifice service to your good clients.  Be picky, work with the clients that fit your model the best.  In our case Medium to Large Organizations that want a high level of service.  Scale your business so that infrastructure grows with demand.  Don’t sacrifice service for volume, or you will lose clients.
  3.  Work Harder:  Up earlier, Up later and available more.
  4.  Make it right:  Mistakes happen, own it and make it right.
  5.  Say thank you:  If you pick good clients (see 2) thank them often.
  6.  If it is working keep doing it:  Both success and failure are amazing teachers.  Listen to them.

I guess you won’t need to buy the book now.