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shutterstock_119711815You’re staring at the phone, you’re thinking of other things you would rather be doing, but you know the business is not going to just miraculously show up.  You look at your list and you’re thinking of the perfect thing to say.  You are using every trick in the book to get mentally prepared for all the creative ways people will shut you down.  So what makes a cold call cold?  Well quite frankly you are at a disadvantage in trying to engage your potential client.  They likely know nothing about you and if you have anything in common, you probably don’t know it.  Essentially you are just trying to get them to be interested and they are just trying to get back to work.  Yeah that about sums up cold calling…

So how do you warm up the process? Create a common interest!  Have something to talk about and get them agreeing right off the bat.  Sounds good right?  So how do you do that?

  1. Create a drop off day.  Pick 10, 20 or more potential clients and drop off something to talk about.  Don’t have time?  Mail it, or have someone do it for you.
  2. Wait. drop what off?  No not a brochure, that won’t work.  It has to be something useful or something that is universally liked.  I have used custom chocolates I had made with my logo on them.  I have also used sunglasses, care packages and for big clients I have even laser engraved a clients name on something.
  3. So a chocolate bar will close the sale?  Probably not, but it will warm up the cold call.  Instead of ” Hello my name is Tim and I work for ABC Company”  you say “Did you get a chance to try the chocolates I dropped by”  Most times the answer will be YES, and BOOM you got your first YES.. things are looking up.
  4. Then what do I say? Whoa, hold on that is the super secret stuff!!!  Not really, maybe the next blog post though.
  5. Does this work?  This will increase your confidence and your ability to get past your first spoken sentence dramatically.  For me it yeilds significantly better results than true cold calling.

These are just some examples but there are tons of great conversation pieces you can get in all price ranges and levels of customization. How do I know?  It’s what we do, and we do it BETTER than anyone else.  Need some help for that perfect icebreaker?  Go to www.teamlang.com to get in touch and learn more!