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The_Knot_hallow_guysIf you send out 1000 postcards, all the same, to 1000 different customers in different industries with different interests and pain points, you would be lucky if you get any response at all.  Especially B2B!

We recently sent out a Direct Mail campaign using a fun little play on words that we call the Marketing Knot.  Each envelope had a card with some instruction for tying knots and a couple small pieces of rope.  It is a multi-step campaign.  Using mail-merge and some other tools we were able to insert custom demographics not only in the document but also as part of the art file.  This specific campaign is being targeted to a specific type of business, but will be altered for different industries.

So what is the point of this Post?  Marketing is not a one size fits all thing.  Rather it should be a highly targeted approach that is compelling to your specific client, there needs and pain points  Have some ideas?  Need some?  Lets talk.  www.teamlang.com.