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Whose market is it?

Whose market is it?

 When your coming up with ideas for the perfect Promotional Products and Printing, are you picking the the things you like, or have enjoyed receiving in yhe past? Or are you evaluating your specific target market and their needs?

Recently a great customer, and friend Chris Kelly, had a party and along with great food and activities he offered several hand outs. One of these handouts was a gigantic beach ball. I have no doubt Chris himself has very little desire to own a beach ball, but the many children of his clients and friends loved them! I am also confident they are bouncing around the yards of those clients houses still today.

Don’t use yourself as the measuring stick for the right marketing items. Get inside the head of your market. A few ways to do that are:
1. Ask one if your best clients. People love talking about themselves, so just asking will get you a ton of info, and show you to be the caring person you are.
2. Read what they read. Your client is an engineer? Buy an engineering magazine and look at the ads. This is a good way to expand on the market research someone else has already done.
3. Call us! We gave probably served your clients market before, and if not we can do the research for you. Besides your too busy, let us do the work 🙂