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A new sign

I suppose it’s not strange to learn that a guy that names his company after himself likes to see his name. We just leased a new office in West Linn, and part of our negotiation was focused on where we would be on the buildings outside display. I wanted the top big spot, because I like seeing my name when I drive by.

Similarly your customers like seeing there own business names and logos. Even more they like to see there personal names. So this Christmas, get them a gift, not just branded with your info, but put there info on it. A nice engraved wine box, or maybe a good old fashion embroidered stocking or golf towel. We have no shortage of ideas. Call or email us and we will help pick the perfect gifts for your 10, 20 even 1000 top clients!

It’s all about the Team

It’s all about the Team

Some of the new business we’ve been blessed with has given us the opportunity to expand our team. One thing I learned a long time ago is if you can surround yourself with people that are better than you, success will follow. Last weekend was a testament to that. At some times below freezing temperatures, and having to improvise and obtain a second smart car in a little less than 45 minutes, we stayed out all night boiling hot chocolate and apple cider to serve family families down at PIR for the Winter Wonderland walk. Everyone was cold, everyone was miserable; no one complained and a good time was had by all. That’s what a great team is all about.