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What we do!

We offer a highly personalized approach. There is nothing we love more than learning everything about your business. Forgive us if we ask tons of questions about you and your business, but the more we know what make you passionate about your company, the better we can help other people see it!


When it comes to Promotional Products & Apparel we really have our fingers on the pulse of current trends.  If you know what you want, we will find you a high quality competitively priced option.  If you have no idea what you want, we will find the options that best fit your company and customer base.

The key to business printing is the combination of High Quality and Competitive Pricing.  There are so many different printing options, from standard full color, to embossing and hot foil stamping. Whether you are printing a business card or a 25 foot banner, we have your printing needs covered.


Need art? Or have some art and need it changed?  How about a new website?  We offer a full line of Art and Graphic Design services including Logo Design, Digitizing, Websites, Business Cards as well as Photo and Video Editing.


What we are all about!

Team Lang Noble Cause

Promoting what matters!

Team Lang Keys To Success Q & A


Q. What if I need it now?

A. No problem.

Deadlines II:

Q. No I really need it right now. What now?

A. If it is humanly possible we will make it happen.


Q. What happens if the product was not as described?

A. You won’t pay for it, and we will make it right!


Q. We can’t find this anywhere. What can we do?

A. We can find it.


Q. Another vendor said it can’t be done. Is that true?

A. We can do it.


Q. My last vendor would never call me back. Will you?

A. Try me (503) 616-2211.


Q. We have no idea what we want. What do we need?

A. Let’s have coffee and talk about it.

Who do we work with?

Business to Business

We provided specialized Marketing to medium and large sized businesses.  This differentiates us from a lot of our competitors because we are laser focused on our business customers.

We decided early on that doing a few business cards or a dozen coffee cups for an individual takes time and resources away from our business customers.  Our business customers have critical deadlines, immediate needs and zero tolerance for delays.

The Team here at Team Lang Promotions has worked with businesses in different capacities for years so we understand that our business customers want dedicated attention, and we are here to provide it.



People who Love us!

Tim Lang and his team have exceeded my expectations for over two years. They are a company who says YES first and then figures out how to make it happen.

If you want to leave a powerful impression on people, have Team Lang be your partner to surprise and delight your customers, employees and friends and family members!

Allison Clarke

Owner, Allison Clarke Consulting

Team Lang SAVED our event!!   When we were told at the last minute our finisher awards weren’t going to make it (because the last company we used dropped the ball) Tim and his team came through for us.  He has proven many times since that he can get things done quickly, and better than our original ideas.   I will never work with another promotional company again.  Thanks for always blowing my expectations out of the water.

Jake Linford

Representative, Sports Strategies NW

I’ve worked with Team Lang since it first opened its doors. It’s rare to find a company that provides amazing service and amazing prices but that’s exactly what Team Lang is all about. I’ve recommended Tim and his team to all kinds of clients and business associates and they always come through. I give them 11 out of 10 stars. Mark Aalto

Owner, Team Aalto - Summit Funding

“I have been working with Team Lang for many years.  They started working for me at Infocus, and when I took on a new role at Legacy – Go Health, I brought them along. We often are working with multiple locations and tight deadlines, and Tim and team always find a way to pull it off for us!”

Heidi Kayser

Marketing, GoHealth Urgent Care


Tim Lang

Tim Lang


When I’m not making my customers look awesome, you’ll find me hanging  with my family, cycling or running.  Although I have to admit I run to eat, and I love Thai Food.  It literally can’t be spicy enough!

Hunter Quinton

Hunter Quinton

Sales & Support

Hunter Quinton loves people!  He loves to learn everything about you, your company and your needs.  He genuinely enjoys what he does and it shows when you meet him!  In his spare time he is also a running coach so don’t try to run from him…

Lara Fuchs

Lara Fuchs

Business Development

Here is Lara looking very Hollywood, in what is arguably the best selfie-while-driving picture ever taken…  When she is not violating traffic laws she also runs the entire company and lets me take credit for it.

Cindy Johnson - PHR

Cindy Johnson - PHR


Cindy Johnson is our resident Human Resources Consultant and Embroidery expert.  Weird Combo?  Well she has worked in HR in different capacities for years, and she is also an embroidery expert.  Oh yeah and if you need a party for hundreds of people planned..

Promotional Products? Oh yeah, we do that!


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